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What’s in a name…

I suppose some sort of intro is in order, although with no clear idea how this forum will evolve, I’m not sure what might or might not be relevant. Moth is a nickname, and has the advantage of being quick/easy to type. Building on that I settled on Mothtalk; I really, really preferred motheaten – but being late to the party means you get the leftovers, KWIM?

‘Anything But Bland’ started as a joke. A forum I participate in changed hosting sites, and with the migration some ID’s (or titles or whatever you call those little blurbs that go along with your avatar) became garbled, mine among them. Discussing it in chat one day had me asking the site admins to change mine; didn’t matter to what as long as it wasn’t bland. You guessed it: Anything But Bland! is now in my profile, and given the definition of bland (dull, mild, tasteless, weak, insipid) I’m pretty okay with that.

Here’s hoping it proves to be an accurate blog moniker!


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