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On a message board not long ago, the question was whether using old or new product was more exciting. I have to say I’m always more excited to use up old product, especially when the result – to my mind at least – doesn’t look dated. I suspect this 5-year old Daisy D’s paper with the chickens was bought with these photos in mind – although the page design owes much to my evolved style. A market tag, old brads and shaped buttons (always a personal victory to use buttons!) share their age with the paper. More current products include pom-pom trim, core.dinations cardstock, journal and letter stickers and glimmer mist (on the cardstock border strip). Those QuicKutz funky chickens always make me smile; it’s not often there’s a legitimate place for them on a page!
As you can see I’m still ‘pecking’ away at my New Zealand album, and added this page not long ago. If I ever get back to scrapping regularly, I just might get it finished. TFL. Keitha


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With my established routines derailed by current circumstances I’m turning to different projects for my daily creative fix, and some unanticipated benefits have emerged. Sometimes I’m just playing with different mediums on a tag or other small piece, helping develop the habit of a bit of creative play at the start of every crafting session. As much of my stash is packed up and stored elsewhere I’m needing to flex a bit more creative muscle with the limited supplies I have at hand. And focusing on just one element – all I have time for – is helping with my stuggle to let go of having a project completely planned before I begin.
I’ve now started on some collage elements for as yet undetermined future use. Here I chose some coordinating scraps of paper and a copy of my real estate listing, and did an open paper weave. I also scanned some vintage western pulp fiction illustrations from an old magazine article (whew! – justification for still having that magazine from 1997); I can’t wait to collage these together for some patterned background sheets. And just before tossing the magazine, I went through it and cut out various headlines and phrases that I thought might eventually find their way into some artistic endeavour. ‘Everything about him was huge’ conjurs up several possibilites, don’t you think?
Perhaps the biggest benefit though, is enjoying the opportunity to pursue some other areas of creative interest – and not feeling guilty that I’m not scrapbooking.

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Mixing it up!

Yesterday I took a mixed media class with Jen Starr called Glazed Metal Effects. Jen is a favourite instructor of mine, and the class project was two 6×6 canvases. Jen packs so much into her classes that I find finishing the projects during classtime impossible; today I decided to finish one canvas as my class piece and save the second for a future project.
After painting our canvases using Claudine Helmuth’s Studio line paints, we used Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Glam to colour our embossed metal and paper die cut flowers – two products I hadn’t previously used. The metal butterfly, hand cut from a stamped pattern, was also embossed and glazed; indeed embossing all the metal pieces was how we spent the majority of our time in class. Today while finishing my piece, because I don’t yet own any TA Glaze or Glam I finished the sides and word piece for my canvas using alcohol inks.
Here you get an idea of the dimension, as well as a look at how nicely the embossed metal sides finish off the painted canvas. All in all a fun sampler of several products and techniques perfectly suited to the art of mixed media!

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