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a little sketchy

DSCN0724 I’ve long wanted to learn how to watercolour, so signed up for Jane LaFazio’s class Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style, which began last week. I’d like to think that with practice I could include passable illustrations in a nature journal. Today I finally took time to sit down with my supplies and have a go at lesson one. First up some colour blending; an opportunity to get familiar with using the waterbrush and practice the ratio of water to pigment used. Then on to the main lesson: fruit.

DSCN0726 Not quite sure why, but it didn’t occur to me that to watercolour successfully – or even adequately LOL – one would need to be able to sketch. I am certainly not accomplished when it comes to drawing, although couldn’t get into too much trouble with the simple shape of pears. Once happy enough with my drawing I committed to an ink outline on the paper and set out my paint. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo at this stage.

DSCN0733 A couple hours later and I’m calling it done. I see a number of things I could definitely improve on – but I also some things I thought worked out well. Overall I’m pleased with it, my very first ever watercolour sketch.

What is it that you’d like to learn how to do?


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Style Mix

DSCN0543 I’ve never been good at successfully describing my own scrapbooking style, although I’m sure I have one. While I long for a couple of catchy adjectives that sum it up in one quick phrase, the reality is more a series of design choices which combined together make a page definitively mine. A typical layout for me consists of two pages, multiple photos and a patterned-paper background. Usually clean and linear overall, but increasingly with artistic elements included.

Like many who spend time online, I read the blogs and admire the work of a number of well-known scrappers. Message board and podcast discussions cover everything from different scrapping styles to keeping your own work authentic. So I got to thinking, can you adopt someone else’s style and still create a page that is true to yourself? After finishing this page recently I think you can.

art class logo Wilna Furstenberg – and specifically her Art Class on Two Peas in a Bucket – was the inspiration here. It has become my goal this year to incorporate more mixed media techniques and products on my pages, and Wilna’s class provides an excellent primer for many of these techniques. In the album for my recent trip to Barbados many of my photos will simply be included in pocketed page protectors, but I thought I’d have a go at the class lessons using the trip photos that I wish to highlight, and will augment the album with these scrapped pages.

DSCN0540 A stencil and gesso were this lesson’s focus resulting in a very organic start to the page – making it quite different from my usual process. From there though, I can see that most of the choices are ones I’d normally make. The earthtone palette and Thickers title are typical, as is the variety of themed embellishments suggesting a visual triangle – despite attempting to put said embellishments in a vertical line as Wilna did.

DSCN0533 So although I began by intentionally setting aside my usual process, my final page does feel very much ‘me’. It will be interesting to see, as I work through the wealth of ideas artfully shared in class, if and how my current style evolves. But regardless of that outcome, I know I’ll have a good time getting messy and exploring the possibilities of my growing arsenal of mixed media products.

I would love to hear – do you have an identifiable scrapbook style, and how has it evolved?

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